Air Freight


Same like sea freight we got a strong and reliable relationship with almost all the air-lines locally to negotiate and provide the lowest price on all your air freight export shipments. We have got a very strong and eligible staffing to concentrate and handle only airfreight shipments to keep a very strict and timely follow-up for your valued shipments which ultimately results in a timely delivery. You just give us your shipments and relax while we arrange it on time.

We have got a very strong counterpart in almost all the major business centers from where normally Qatar's market imports to provide and arrange the lowest rate with a timely and professional handling of your shipments we normally don't deliver excuses but shipments on time.

Why Us?
  • Reliable and well committed in performance
  • Competitive rates
  • High standard & Quality service level
  • Extensive Global Network of agents
  • Sustainable Solutions
  • Very good presence in the region
  • In depth knowledge of custom tariff, act and procedures